Yano 6502

For me, the 6502 processor is something of an icon. It was one of the first processors I used to write programs on and the first one I experienced assembly language programming with. I started in 1977/78 with a desktop HP 2930A computer that was wheeled round the schools, then dial-up on an ASR-33 to the local computing centre, then the Apple II.

And the Apple II had a 6502 inside it. Better than that, I could take the lid off and see it!

Over the next few years I used Apple IIs at school and university then BBC Micros (another 6502 system), designed and built my own 6502 based systems for use in industrial control systems and have generally stayed in the 6502 “camp” over the years (Back then, there was the great 6502 vs Z80 wars – well maybe some active discussions, much like Vi vs Emacs today. I use Vi/Vim, not that it matters)

And so now, a few decades later I’ve decided to rekindle my interest in the 6502 and build my own system. This page will act as a holding page for my blog entries keeping them all linked together.

Yano 6502? Yet another 6502 project.