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DRC Version 1.0 for Arduino Systems.

Duemilanove/UNO with AVR Atmega 168 or 328 chips.

Two versions are provided. One which will run in the standard Adruino environment – presented as a “sketch”, the other designed to be compiled with more traditional tools and is designed to run with DROSS. Once it’s installed and running, it will light LED 13 which is the on-board LED on most Arduino boards, although this pin is available for your own use after that.

To use the DROSS version: Download an unpack the tgz file. Use avrdude to upload the HEX file into your Arduino board.

The Makefile has instructions on uploading using avrdude. You may have to manually reset the Arduino before the upload, or use the supplied resetArduino0 script, but do check the serial port of your Arduino. Note that the HEX file will only work on Duemilanove/UNO with AVR Atmega 168 or 328 chips. You will need to alter the Makefile to compile for other chips.

If you wish to build it, you will need to install DROSS.

The Arduino Sketch should import and run in the Arduino IDE environment without any changes and you will be able to select the target processor as usual.