I’ve created this site to keep track of all my work, projects, hobbies, etc.

Projects I’m currently working on, or are interested in include developing a new BASIC interpreter, interfacing the Arduino to stuff, Retro computing systems such as the 6502, 65816 and BCPL, and some other things as diverse as baking sourdough bread, horse riding and many other things.

Watch this space as who knows what’s next on the agenda. We live in exciting times.

A quick list of some of the projects here:

  • DRC: Drogon Remote Control. This is mechanism to allow a device (typically an Arduino) connected via serial line to be controlled from a host system. The functions on the host are designed to emulate the Arduino “Wiring” functions – essentially extending Adruino control back to another device running a high level language.
  • DROSS: The Drogon Real-time Operating System (Simplified). A grand name for what is a micro task scheduler running in Arduino (ATmega) that allows real-time tasks to be scheduled and frees the programmer from the “Big loop” system.
  • RTB: Return to BASIC. A modern BASIC interpreter that runs under Linux (and eventually Windows and Mac)

And if you haven’t worked it out yet, Drogon is an anagram of Gordon. It’s a word I’ve been using for my own projects since about 1992 when I used it to name a MUD – The Land of Drogon….