March 2013

March 30th

Saturday, the day before easter sunday…

hotxbunsHome made hot cross buns! Yum yum yum…


March 29th

Where has this month gone…

waterOur water wasn’t tasting too good today, so South West Water decided to flush it all out… This is outside our house!


March 4th

deanBurn3This is the Dean Burn again. This time on a 10 second exposure (The one I took last month was just 1 second). Really long exposures of rivers give them a very odd texture – almost plasticy I think. Will need to wait for it to be darker for a properly long exposure though as I don’t have an ND filter for that lens…

Also note that where I was standing here – in the river bed… I’d have been 2m underwater during the floods on last November..

March 3rd

cherryBlossom on a neighbours cherry plum tree. Spring in boinging along here!

March 2nd

bbq1First BBQ of the year. This is a “hand” of Pork being treated to some of our home-pressed apple juice for a bit of flavour.