RubyOS Licensing

;* This file is part of RubyOS:
;* The Ruby Operating System for the Ruby 6502, Ruby 816 and
;* other 65C02 or 65C816 SBCs...
;* RubyOS is a minimal "operating system" to use on a 65Cxx based
;* microprocessor system to offer a degree of compatibility to the old
;* Acorn MOS on the BBC Micro and Master computers. Also has a few nods
;* towards the Apple II system, as a a tribute to my 40 years (in 2018)
;* of using the 6502 and the Apple II.
;* Copyright (c) 2018-2021 Gordon Henderson;
;* RubyOS is distributed under a "Source Available" license. It is NOT Open
;* source and must not be treated as such.

This is the Source Available license for RubyOS.

You may use this software at your own risk. It is supplied with no warranty for any purpose whatsoever.

You may use, copy and modify this software for your own personal use.

You can incorporate all or part of it into your own systems but you must not sell those systems or any systems containing this software without purchasing a resell license from Gordon Henderson.

Note that RubyOS is not held under GIT, nor it it kept on Github, Gitweb, nor any other online git or git-like service. Anything you find there was not put there by me. The source code you may have was extracted from my own repository and source code control system which is not publicly accessible.

Buying a source license allows you to sell your product with RubyOS installed. It does not allow you to sell-on RubyOS for others to use in their products.

This is a list of projects and products that I have licensed the inclusion of my RubyOS code. If you are using a product/device/thing which incorporates my RubyOS and it’s not on this list then be aware that the person who sold you the product/device/thing has stolen or otherwise used my code without my consent and know that you are complicit in their theft by giving them money, or otherwise supporting their device.

Projects legally using RubyOS:

  • My Ruby6502 and Ruby816 SBC devices.
  • The CERBERUS 2080 65C02 / Z80 Educational CPU board

As of August 2021, there are no other devices or products that are licensed to use my RubyOS software.

If you wish to license RubyOS for any use other than your own personal use then please get in-touch.


Gordon Henderson