I was a STEMnet ambassador based in Devon with full DBS certificate and all that goes with it… I let it all lapse recently..

It’s hard to be an ambassador for your own company when you’re self employed and I have had so few people get in-touch and so few opportunities that weren’t simply veiled attempts by the local careers service (who have the local franchise for this) to try to do non-STEM things that I never bothered keeping it up.

However if your school, college, etc. has need of someone who can talk/demo/discuss various aspects of computing e.g. The Raspberry Pi or Arduino interfacing, simple robotics, etc. then please do get in-touch.

In addition to computing, I’m also an artisan/craft baker, so if your school, college, etc. is looking to do something with bread – anything from making sourdough to building an outdoor pizza oven, then do get in-touch! Is bread a STEM activity? I think so – there’s chemistry in bread making and engineering in oven building!