Raspberry Pi – Game Port IO?

My little ladder game seems to have generated some interest – or was it my comment about the GPIO port standing for Game Port IO? Who knows, it’s fun anyhow…

But it’s got me thinking – what else can I do with a row of LEDs and a button. The Ladder game isn’t original, it was from a magazine published over 30 years ago, but what else can I think of to use on the same platform…

Some sort of reaction tester? shooter? Will crank up my imagination and see what comes up, but suggestions are welcome!


Raspberry Pi – Game Port IO? — 4 Comments

  1. How about a multi-player buzzer game?

    You could combine it with the HDMI out – have questions displayed on a monitor/TV and have simple push-button ‘buzzers’ connected to the GPIO ports.

    • Good idea!
      Those buzzer sets that you see in game shows are actually a little more complex that a button and a buzzer – they need to lock-out the 2nd (3rd, etc.) button push, so only the first one to push activates the buzzer and their local lamp.
      (Well some of them work like that!)
      Fairly easy to do in software on the Pi though – the hard part is setting the questions 😉


  2. My extended family use to play jeopardy with made up questions whenever we got together. I recently got a raspberry pi and was thinking the same thing as Jordon’s post. Hoping to implement something soon.

    I don’t want to do a lock out, rather it saves the order teams buzzed in at.

    So a large button, or strip for each team with a local LED that lets them know if they buzzed in or not. Then some sort of GUI that displays who’s turn it is to answer, a count down clock with how much time they have to answer, and can be used to show images, play audio, or video. Also keep score.

    • That’s fairly easy to do. The mechanicals are the hard part! Big robust buttons – look for the type used in arcade games.

      Depending on your ability the graphics may or may not be easy too!