Wiring Pi Update…

Just a note to say that I’ve updated my WiringPi libraries. It now should work fine with C++ programs and there is an added function (and flag to the gpio program) to switch fron the WiringPi Arudino-like pin numbering to the native BCM_GPIO pin numbering.

The WiringPi pages are here


Wiring Pi Update… — 2 Comments

  1. Have you managed to get dynamic and static libraries to build from the same makefile yet?

    Adding some debian packaging would be good also – I’m willing to help you with these tasks.

    Right now for my hardware project (HotPi) I need to statically build the binaries for raspbian to be able to ship without the shared wiringPi – this is less than ideal. If we have a debian package for wiringPi then it would generally be easier for people to use both our software packages.

    • Yes. If you want the static libraries, then you need to

      make static

      in the wiringPi directory.

      The debian packaging – maybe. It would make it very Raspbian specific though – and I don’t want to lock out the Arch, Gentoo, etc. users

      As for shipping statically compiled libraries – technically it’s against the LGPL, but personally I’m not fussed.

      The knowledge to generate a debian package is on my acquire list, (along with running my own debian repository), but if you want to let me know (in private email) your runes, suggestions, then please feel free!