Got my Raspberry Pi!

Here we go! My Raspberry Pi has arrived and I’ve been having some fun. First job was to secure the additional bits and pieces for it – USB keyboard, mouse, powered hub and (still on order!) HDMI to DVI adapter.

First impressions? It’s small – but then again, so is the main-board inside your average mobile phone which these days is actually more powerful than the Raspberry Pi, so I really shouldn’t be surprised!

First task was to boot it up – I’d already prepared a 4GB SD card with the latest Debian image on the Raspberry Pi website. I plugged it all together and before long (really, 5 seconds) it was booting up. Part of their boot-up sequence involves a reboot, but that only too a few more seconds and it was there. Login with the published details and that was that. One more Linux box to my collection!

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