Update on the Raspberry Ladder Board

Tandy now has new stock, so should be properly caught up with the backlog in the next day or two…

I’d just like to say a big thanks to everyone who’s bought one! It’s been a fun little project and my hope is that it’s an easy way to introduce people into simple soldering and computer interfacing too.

There is an update to the Ladder board software I’ve put together – just a little bug-fix for the test program – in my haste to make it a little more modular, I created a separate setup script for bash scripts, and somehow got the button numbers wrong – doh! So I’ve fixed that now. Just do the following to get the updated software:

cd ladder
git pull origin

and off you go. (and as if by magic the green LEDs ought to work with the button next to it now)

I actually fixed this some time back and thought I’d pushed the new version out, but obviously not!

Anything else? Well there has been some people writing programs in Python and Scratch to access the board which is good, and a note from zcat in New Zealand to say that their traffic lights work differently to those in the UK. He says:

Ours go green / yellow / red, green man, red man flashing, then red man solid and directly red to green for traffic.

So there you are! I’m sure (and I know!) that pedestrian crossings work in different ways in different countries, so do let me know what the differences are… Perhaps one day we can have a version that works out your country and does the right thing!


Update on the Raspberry Ladder Board — 2 Comments

  1. My (10 yo) son enjoyed soldering his together Gordon. And he demoed it at the Milton Keynes Jam earlier this month. I’ve got some footage of the assembly I’ve not had time to edit yet. 🙂