WiringPi v2 released…

After some months of testing and time away due to family issues, a short holiday and what-not, wiringPi v2 has been pushed to the GIT repository and is now released!

Additionally, it now has its own website: http://wiringpi.com/

Changes: 100′s. There is now a completely re-written internal structure that allows for analogRead() and analogWrite() functions (hardware permitting – e.g. on the Gertboard and other A/D converters). There is a mechanism for adding new GPIO hardware – e.g. MCP23x17 (both I2C & SPI variants) and much much more!

As usual, feedback is welcome – my plan is to run a forum on the wiringpi.com site  shortly, but for now I’ll allow comments on this post, or drop me email.

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