Ruby 6502

The Ruby 6502 SBC

This is just a little menu page for details on the Ruby 6502 project. It’s a timeline or blog of events as it were.


Ruby 6502 — 7 Comments

  1. Hi, my first project was 6502, with simple kernal (software) too download a program and start it from terminal PC program. It still working both hardware and software.

    73 de Ulf

  2. Great project, good talking to you on the Facebook, really intrested in your approach. Its similar to the z80ctrl and z80mbc2 projects I am working with, but with the 6502..

    • Thanks for the feedback. I had no real “goal” for this when I started other than as a sort of 40th anniversary project with the 6502. In the past 6 months of tinkering though it’s changed somewhat and I’ve put together some ideas for the next version once I’m happy with all the software for this one. Your z80 systems look good though.



    • I use the ca65 assembler from the cc65 package and all my development is done under Linux. It also includes a disassembler too, although I’ve never used it.


  3. Great project, I am very interested in building 6502 Ruby board, Are you planing to release the schematic and the software files? Or maybe sell it in a kit.

    • I plan on doing all that – schematics, kit, software, etc. I’m currently working on a new version with the 65816 processor though and that’s probably the one I’ll be supporting though – however it will run all the 6502 code without any issues.